Aurogra 100mg (Sildenafil Citrate)


Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Sildenafil Citrate
Indication: Erectile dysfunction
Manufacturer: Aurochem Laboratories
Packaging: 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength: 100mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Once we start our discussion regarding erectile dysfunction states, we should know this is no longer a disease that should be kept aside. Instead, we should practice frequent treatments of it. The more we encourage people to go for the proper treatments, the more we would see a minimal number of affected people. Erectile dysfunction is no more a third-world problem. Now people across the globe are the victims of it. So It’s no longer an isolated problem, we should give more importance to this. The very Importance of treatment generally lies with the prescription of all the medicines that are believed to cure the problem with a good amount of adequacy. Here goes one of the potent medicines to cure erectile dysfunction, Aurogra 100 mg. This powerful drug has treated all the sexual activities, sexual flow, and a smoother erection. People who could not satisfy their partner’s needs got a whole new idea of treating themselves with this; this medicine has saved lives for a long time now.

Aurogra 100 is one of those drugs which can assure a speedy recovery from erectile dysfunction. There are a lot of medicines that are available both online and offline. Still, not every single treatment has become able to treat problems unanimously, but to some extent, as per the doctors’ reviews, this medicine could match that level of perfection. What generally happens for all cases of erectile dysfunction is the men tend to lose their self-esteem, and they get easily irritated and emotional due to a failing sexual life. But as soon as someone starts continuing the medicine Aurogra 100 mg, he can handle all the troubles. The penis can continue erecting for more than 2 hours at one single go, which was not the condition previously, people who have started medication of this thing they figured out the drastic change that came into their lives, in terms of enjoying a regular sexual intercourse session just like other people.

The main objective of Aurogra 100 mg is to find out the difficulties of erection and fluid or sperm production. Most of the time, the blood vessels do not get relaxed for people who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction. And to restrict blood vessels, no sexual sensation gets produced in the areas of the penis. The medicine tries to solve these issues as the potent ingredient is Sildenafil, the main ingredient or chemical agent in making the enzyme name PDE5. This primary component is responsible for erectile dysfunctions throughout the body.

Benefits of taking Aurogra

There are lots of benefits when someone starts consuming Aurogra 100 daily. The first thing that comes to our mind when someone says about consuming these drugs daily is creating an excellent erection-related response throughout the body. In most cases, when someone faces problems due to many other unnecessary medications, they generally find relief after consuming this.


      • A lot of people have the same old queries like Aurogra vs. Viagra, which is better. Here is the answer, which is a benefit in giving economic suggestions to the people suffering from this. A disorder in the body dies not to depend on financial circumstances; in such cases, both the rich and poor men can be affected due to this, both are facing the same kinds of trouble on having an excellent sexual intercourse session with the partner, for all these cases if they rely on to Aurogra 100 they can rest assured that it is not going to cost heavily, the budget range is quite affordable as well as the availability is good too.
      • Next comes the problems, which are mainly related to the bodily reactions and how good the medicine is becoming in solving the issues associated with infertility disorders. Most of the time, a weird kind of stiffness comes out to be seen in the men who have been suffering from erectile dysfunction problems; they get hesitant to Continue a sexual activity. All these probable causes that stop erection seem to get away.
      • A lot of times, it has been seen that those who are consuming alcohol are continuing the dosages of erection increasing medicines, but they are not encountering any positive result so far; we can claim all those companies generally try to plant the seeds of false hopes within the minds of the buyers, but here nothing of that sort prevails, the company itself declares that with the consumption of other intoxicating drugs, this medicine would not be able to work. This kind of declaration makes the buyers so determined that they tend to stop indulging themselves in all these.
      • The price range is also affordable. The men who are suffering from this can afford this item and can get relief.
      • Sildenafil, the main component of this medicine, is so good that the high-level production of the enzyme PDE5 comes out to be seen more smoothly. The more body releases the enzyme PDE5, the more it becomes easier for the person to keep the sex calm more in terms of timing. The craving for having sexual intercourse depends on this enzyme, and the production of the enzyme depends on Aurogra 100.
      • The self-esteem seems to get increased, the irritating behavior that used to remain with the person seems to get away too, a chilled out, the relaxing mood remains all the time with the person. A stress-free mind is more deserving than a head full of bothering thoughts for a healthy sexual life.
      • Being an excellent PDE5 inhibitor, it increases the level of nitric oxide in the body, and the last obstacles used to prevent the men from having sexual intercourse used to last more than an hour or so.
      • Cleaning up the blood cells and providing a smoother flow at the time of sexual activity is something that Sildenafil citrate can do.

Side effects

There lies a thumb rule when somebody intends to have medicine and continues doing so; if sound effects are treating the problem within a given period, there has to be some number of side effects. There will be severe side effects at times, and there will be minor side effects at times. The side effects will create a harmful impact on the body depends on the resistance power and the existing medical conditions of the person taking the medicines. Let’s see a quick view on the severe and minor side effects that generally come out after continuing this medicine for a long.

Severe Side Effects Of Aurogra 100

      • People face problems in hearing, nausea, loss of appetite, skin irritations, and so on.
      • A lot of times, all day, sleep and tiredness follow after taking this medicine.
      • Hormonal problems may occur if the person takes other hormonal tablets, which come out as an anti-agent.
      • Some men face energy issues while working other jobs.

Minor Side Effects of Aurogra 100 mg

      • These side effects generally occur for most of the persons who tend to continue the medicines. They are stomach upset, a little bit tired and at times have a headache.
      • Often, an actual amount of fear works within the body after continuing this medicine, but once the mixture becomes regular. This fear seems to go away, and the person becomes habituated.

How to take the medicine

There are very generic and known directions that go for the person who is continuing this medicine. The doctors suggest swallowing Aurogra 100 mg with water just like any other tablet, as it is available in tablet forms only. It is advisable for the users that they should not chew this, or crush this in any manner, just simple swallowing, and within one hour, the medicine would start reacting.


Aurogra 100 mg is solely made for treating problems with erectile dysfunction; it does not hold any other quality within itself; some people believe that it is potent in terms of treating other medical problems, but in reality, it does not, so do not consume this medicine if you are not affected with the above mentioned bodily disorder, this process of consuming wrong drugs may backfire you.


Apart from that, these medicines are solely designed and chemically charged for curing a male disease; women’s sexual activities can not change with it, so do not live with your wrong assumptions and make a safe distance from this. Women’s Sexual activity contains other sorts of attention. By taking it, a more considerable hormonal growth may get stopped. Next thing for the users only, do not keep these medicines to your child/children.


Consumption of this drug by minors where a potent chemical agent, Sildenafil citrate, is present should be forbidden right away. Smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohols are the greatest enemies of this medicine and its components. Once you start this, keep yourself fully detached from any intoxication that would somewhat reduce the power to make you a potent man in bed.


Another important warning that should carry most of the Importance is people are already facing worsening medical conditions with kidney and liver problems. They should keep themselves away from this; consuming this particular drug may lead to an endpoint, and there would be no looking back. Often, patients succumb to death due to this, do take care of all these causes; they are vital.


Aurogra 100 review suggests that both this and Viagra consist of the same kinds of components, but Viagra is costly and is not widely available like this medicine is. People or even doctors seem to get inclined towards this due to all these reasons.

How the medicine works

As soon as the medicine gets to the body, the citrate component seems to get into the blood vessels, which somehow relaxes the penis areas and creates a smoother blood flow that is very much required for an impotent person.


It is always advisable to take suggestions from the doctor instead of anyone who is not that specialized in this field. Perhaps the other people might misguide you, so it is essential to make a thorough checkup before starting any medicine.


It tends to increase the amount of fluid in the body, gives the body a smoother blood flow, relaxes the muscles in the penis areas, and raises a good amount of energy to Continue sexual intercourse sessions.

It generally takes 30-45 minutes for the medicine to start its actions, but if someone consumes alcohol in Between, the efforts get disrupted. However, the after-effects last for more than 5 hours, in which the person continues having sexual activity.

It is straightforward to consume, take water, swallow the whole tablet, make it half, and not chew or crush.

This is one of the trusted medical stores that supply items all over the country. Often, people get trapped and fall for fraudulent practices, so it is better to go to a trusted company that sells the original products.

It generally lasts from 5-6 hours after consumption


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