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Azithromycin is a type of antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. Sometimes, bacterial infections can be serious and painful if not treated well.  Bacterial infections can come with common symptoms such as pain and fever, along with specific symptoms such as an increased urge to urinate (cystitis), cough, and shortness of breath (sinusitis), or diarrhea (gastroenteritis).

Will azithromycin 500mg cure chlamydia?

According to the CDC guidelines on sexually transmitted diseases published in 2015, 1 gram of oral Azithromycin is used to treat genital chlamydia, but this is still considered common. It is usually taken as four 250 mg tablets or two 500 mg azithromycin tablets in a single dose.

The same dose goes for adults & children aged eight years or have a minimum weight of 45 kg. In addition, people with HIV and people without HIV are also prescribed to take the same dose. The CDC recommends this dosage for treating the following types of chlamydia:

  • Anogenital
  • Oropharyngeal
  • Urogenital

After taking a single dose of 1 gram of Azithromycin, sexually active persons should refrain from sexual activity for seven days to prevent the spread of infection between partners.

All sexual partners with chlamydia should be treated with 1 gram of Azithromycin. Possibilities of inaccurate diagnose and treatment of sexual partner can make your doctor worried and it may be a quick cure depending on state law which may vary. (No need to wait for laboratory diagnosis based on clinical evaluation). For chlamydia treatment, Azithromycin is the best possible solution.

How Much Is Azithromycin Needed To Cure Chlamydia?

Azithromycin for chlamydia treatment, a 1 gram dose is recommended. This dose can be taken in the morning or evening, with or without having food. Zithromax is another name for Azithromycin.

If you have taken a dose of Azithromycin on an empty stomach and have some upset stomach or nausea, you can eat well to help solve the problem.

To treat chlamydia, azithromycin 500mg is not a choice of health professionals. It also surges the threat of becoming resistant to C trichomoniasis bacteria. If you only take or prescribe 500 mg azithromycin, you should return to your doctor to prescribe a 1 g dose. It would help if you never shared the dose of Azithromycin with anyone else.

Azithromycin And Alcohol Consumption

Yes, you can drink small amounts of alcohol while on Azithromycin. But due to high alcohol consumption, the gastrointestinal side effects of azithromycin can be enhanced. The side effects may include vomiting, indigestion, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, nausea, or gas. In case you consume Azithromycin will high alcohol then it can also cause headaches.

Since Azithromycin is usually taken once, drinking alcohol is unlikely to prevent azithromycin treatment for chlamydia.

Azithromycin For Sinus Infection

People who are suffered from sinus most probably ask the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic. Acute sinus infections mostly last for about three-four weeks. Azithromycin is the most common antibiotic prescribed to treat sinus infections. There is evidence that Azithromycin works at its best level and quickly cure sinus infections. But it is not necessary that antibiotics can help sinus patients every time. Judicious usage of antibiotics is essential to cure sinus infections.

Duration of Azithromycin In Your body to stay:

As per the studied done, Azithromycin medicine usually stays around 15 to 16 days in your days after the consumption of last dose.

There is a 68 hour elimination half-life of this tablet. The prolonged terminal elimination half-life is associated with high drug uptake and subsequent elimination from the tissue.

Approximately 5.5 times the elimination half-life is required to remove the drug from the system. Therefore, it will take about 15.5 days (5.5 x 68 hours) for 374 hours to be removed from the system.

Other factors to consider :-

  • What should be the gap between two doses?
  • How much dose you should take?
  • Your metabolic rate – If your metabolism is slow than it will increase the duration of medicine in your system.
  • Your age and health – In general, older age and poor health increase the amount of time the medication stays in your system.
  • Bodyweight – the higher the medicine, the longer the medicine stays in your system.

Azithromycin and Covid-19

In recent times, most of the doctors prescribed Azithromycin as a relieving therapy for Covid-19. However, one year after the onset of the pandemic, its use as a Covid-19 treatment option has declined as there is no evidence of its effectiveness. According to the recent study, this medicine does not play any significant role in Covid-19 treatment; it has only one placebo effect.

Azithromycin is one of those antibiotics used for treating different contagious infections. It has been shown to reduce the exacerbation of chronic respiratory diseases that were originally widespread for Covid-19 in India. However, medical experts say its use has been in decline since last year. It has also been removed from national government guidelines for treating Covid-19. You will easily get Azithromycin online.

Use Of Azithromycin During Pregnancy

Azithromycin has not been evaluated in clinical trials in pregnant women. However, when used during pregnancy, the drug increases the risk of miscarriage, congenital disabilities, or other problems.

Studies in pregnant mice have shown an increased risk of miscarriage and postpartum development. However, most animal studies on the drug found no serious congenital disabilities. Bear in mind that animal studies cannot always predict what approach it will take towards the human.

If you are a mother-to-be or planning for a baby then before consuming this tablet you should consult your doctor first. You should only consider this medication if it is essential. Azithromycin is not usually recommended during pregnancy or lactation.

Right Methodology To Take Azithromycin

Health experts say Azithromycin is recommended to take once a day unless you are consuming it with the help of an injection. Make sure you take medication every day on the same day.

  • Depending on the infection being treated, a 500 mg dose per day for 3 to 10 days is usually recommended.
  • In severe infections a higher dose is prescribed
  • If you have a kidney or liver problem, then you should lower the dose.

Sometimes, Azithromycin is recommended for a long time to prevent liver disease if you continue to take medicine. In this case, it should usually be done three times a week.

In case you have an overdose of Azithromycin, it can be dangerous for your body. This can cause liver damage and an irregular heartbeat. If you think you have taken too much medicine, talk to your doctor or local poison control center. If symptoms are severe, you should not wait and dial 911. Also, you can visit to the nearest emergency department immediately.

The Price of Azithromycin is varied from region to region. So it’s not easy to mention the standard price of this particular medicine. But you can easily check out the accurate price on Google as per your location.

Final Verdict

Azithromycin is the best possible solution to treat bacterial issues, but it should always be taken after taking a doctor’s prescription as per the present health status. This methodology gives you more benefits than side effects.

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