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Indication: Bacterial Infections
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Everyone knows that everyone is going through a very tough time right now. With the competition that is increasing in every field no matter, it is a job or business and many other things; a person is unable to make out time for themselves. Moreover, most of them are living in stressed and depressing conditions. Above all, there is this covid situation that is prevailing currently in the world. People are being kicked out of their jobs, don’t have an earning source, and moreover are fed up with simply sitting at home.


Due to all these activities, it has been noticed that the stress level among people is rising day by day and they are unable to handle it properly. That is the reason why people are suiciding, and its rate is increasing day by day. Earlier, a few people are facing such issues, and they have been resolved by love, nourishment, and some therapy, but right now, people who are facing the issue are increasing in number.


That is why there is a strong need for a medicine that can help them to get through the issue alongside other treatment factors also. Now, the medicine that is developed by scientists and is suggested the most by physicians is Fluvoxamine 50 mg. The medicine Flovaxamine brand name is Luvox CR, under which it is most commonly sold.


The salt content present in every pill is 50 mg, and it is kept under the category of Serotonin Selective Reuptake Inhibitor. The main task of medicine is to slow down brain functionality and help the brain get rid of the issues of depression and stress. So, if you are also suffering from any kind of stress and issues, then you must visit the physician as soon as possible, and with their prescription, you can enjoy the benefits that are provided by the Flovoxamine tablets.


It is an FDA-approved medicine that can be used only as an anti-depressant, but the FDA does not approve of using it for any infection. This means Fluvoxamine and covid and no relation, and no one can suggest Fluvoxamine for the covid virus.

Benefits of taking Fluvoxamine

After you have come to know that what Fluvoxamine is actually, the first question that comes to your mind is benefits. You are willing to know that what Fluvoxamine is used for. On a broader scale, if we talk about it, then the medicine fluvoxamine is used for stress and depression. But when we dig deep down about the benefits of the medicine, then you will come to know that the medicine usage is not just limited to that part. There are a few other issues that have been resolved by using this medicine. They are discussed below.


      • There is an issue which is named Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, which can be easily resolved with the help of this medicine. In this issue, a person is unable to control his/her thoughts. They kind of get weird thoughts again and again, which are most of the time unwanted. Also, they get a habit of repeating tasks like washing hands or counting. Basically, they are confused, but with the help of medicine, this issue can be totally resolved.


      • There are many people who have the issue of social anxiety. Such people are not good in public interactions and are not able to control what to say. But with the consumption of Fluvoxamine, this issue can also be resolved.


      • The medicine is an anti-depressant that is going to stop the aggressive thinking of your brain and will let you control your thoughts and relaxes your brain. Those who are going through trauma can also be treated with this medicine. Slowly and slowly, one can be brought out of the trauma, and then the medication dose can be aborted.

Side effects

No matter what medicine you are thinking of consuming, there are a few side effects that are always related to that medicine. The side effects are seen when the medicine has been tested on human beings. But it is not necessary that every side effect is going to affect your body also. Still, you should know the side effects. That is why to help you out; we are categorizing the side effects into two categories. So, let’s start.

Most common side effects

      • You may notice that nausea is the first issue that is going to appear in your body.
      • You may also notice weakness in your body due to the consumption of Fluvoxamine.
      • Shakiness in the body can also be an issue which many people notices.
      • You may stay anxious sometimes due to Fluvoxamine consumption.
      • Many times in the Fluvoxamine reviews, people have stated that they are facing trouble in sleeping.
      • Sexual problems can also arise if you are consuming Fluvoxamine as the brain slows down and the signaling is also slow.
      • Sometimes dizziness can also be noticed by people who are taking Fluvoxamine.
      • Your body may sweat more than normal as a side effect of this medicine.

Serious side effects (uncommon)

      • Your blood pressure may notice a slight fall as a side effect of the medicine.
      • Angle-closure glaucoma is noticed in a few cases after taking medicine.
      • You may notice teeth grinding as a side effect of this medicine.
      • Muscle tightness is also noticed when you are consuming Fluvoxamine.
      • Diarrhea can also rarely happen when taking Fluvoxamine.
      • There are a few chances of serotonin syndrome also, which includes shivering, confusion, seizures, etc., kind of issues.

How to take the medicine

There lies no rocket science when this point comes in, and the patients can very well swallow the tablet with water just like any other tablet. Users should never go on b breaking the tablets or crush them. Then, the excellent quality that is initially present in the medicine will go away.


This medicine is the medicine of Vardenafil group medicines, so the users need to take the medication at least 30 minutes before the sexual intercourse session; the sound effects generally lie up to 5-6 hours. After that, the stimulation stops fading away. The person feels stimulated throughout the time. While being in bed, the partner of the man too gets satisfied due to that.


There are a few warning signs that should be followed.


      • Fluvoxamine and alcohol do not go side by side. Due to this, side effects can be introduced. That is why don’t consume them together.
      • You must also not consume tobacco and marijuana with Fluvoxamine.
      • If you are pregnant or feeding your baby, then you are not allowed to consume the medicine.
      • Never ever try to drive or operate after you have taken this drug. It is going to increase the chances of accidents.
      • In case you get any kind of suicidal thoughts even after consuming the medicine, contact thy physician as soon as possible.


      • If you have a low sodium amount in your blood, then you should not take this medicine.
      • If you have common bleeding issues, then don’t take medicine.
      • Never consume this medicine with Tizanidine.
      • If taking Alosetron, then also you should not take Fluvoxamine.
      • Pimozide should not be taken along with Fluvoxamine medicine.
      • Thioridazine and Fluvoxamine should not be taken a hand in hand.

How does Fluvoxamine works?

The working of Fluvoxamine medicine is simple as its task is to restore the balance that the brain has lost. The reason can be office or home stress or some recent activities. The medicine work in the inhibition of serotonin. Those who don’t know that what serotonin is should know that it is a neurotransmitter that transmits the message from one neuron to another. Now, if this transmitter is inhibited from doing its task, then there is no chance that the message will reach the brain. This means that depression signals are going to stop, and you are not going to notice them till the time the medicine is under effect. In the meantime, a person can practice to control over the thoughts which are going to give them the best results of the medicine.


The most important tip about the consumption of Fluvoxamine medicine is that you should discuss every small to big level of your issue with your physician. They will cross-check and see whether the Fluvoxamine consumption is safe for you or not. Also, in case you notice any serious effects on your body due to the medicine, then you must contact the physician as soon as possible.

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