Nitazoxanide (Nizonide 500 Mg)


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Indication: Diarrhoea
Manufacturer: Lupin Ltd
Packaging: 6 Tablets in Strip
Strength: 500 mg
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Nitazoxanide tablets are the ones that are known as anti-worm medicines. The job of this medicine is to cure the problems with infections that were caused due to some unexpected invasions of organisms that came to the body.


infections are the most dangerous symptoms one can ever have in their life. These are life-threatening and can become the reason for someone’s death. Infections can be caused due to various reasons.


Fungi, viruses, protozoa are the ones that are responsible for any infection caused in the body. But the medications need to be proper in terms of identifying the organisms. The next time, the body will gain kits immunity power even after being affected by the same disorder.


Infections are generally get caused in the vulnerable and most affected areas where the capacity of the infectious organism to get spread becomes fast, and nothing can prevent the spread after a while.


Eyes, ears, stomach, and at times the lungs get infected due to the invasion of these organisms. The super spreader coronavirus is also a kind of virus that starts mainly with a mild infection, eventually leading to a severely infected state of the affected areas.


Nitazoxanide tablets are also known as Nizonide tablets; the name is significant in highlighting the primary chemical agent of the medicine, which is Nitazoxanide; the treatment is so popular that globally users have earned benefits after using this.


Above, in this article, some hints on the probable reasons for infections have been discussed, but here, Nizonide 500 mg is generally being used for stomach-related problems. It is being used to treat issues with diarrhea and other pains in the areas of the stomach. The usage of the drug is pretty sustainable and hassle-free.


Nitazoxanide Tablets are known for solving the issues caused by Protozoa or Cryptosporidium. These are the main two components on which the work of this medicine becomes successful, and as a matter of fact, the patients get a good amount of relief.

Benefits of using Nitazoxanide tablets

Medicines are known for curing the pain and stress that a person has to go through. They are chemically tested, have gone through multiple trials and other processes, so they are supposed to be good at saving people’s lives.


There are many good signs once somebody starts using this particular medicine. It builds a good immunity response within the body to fight back the other future problems created by these two organisms.


There go some points that the patients can take note of once they start continuing Nizonide 500 mg.


      • Patients who are being affected due to parasitic invasions should take note that whoever is being involved due to the Protozoa or Cryptosporidium is being affected by the parasitic charges.
      • Parasitic invasions come out to be known, especially when suffering from a terrible loose motion state.
      • In most cases, the existing quantity of water gets released from the body as soon as this severe loose motion takes place for more than a while; this medicine stops frequent bowel movements as soon as somebody takes that in.
      • These symptoms above occur only when there is a wrong kind of infection in the areas of the gastrointestinal tract, but Nitazoxanide tablets erase those possibilities from its core; the organisms never get the chance to come in.
      • Many people worried that this might take a bad return if this medicine is consumed, the thought process is terrible, if there is a problem, then the drug tries to solve that as soon as it can.
      • Immunity building within the body and making the WBC stronger than the previous times to identify any lousy chance in sensitive areas to get reduced.
      • Another prominent sign that is crucial for the patients to know is if the patient continues to complete the required amount of course of this medicine, then the possibility of having stomach upset is very low.
      • People should be surprised to find out one significant factor: whether there are antibiotics restricted for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Still, here Nizonide 500 mg is safe for them to use.
      • Antibiotics are supposed to purify the body from every adverse effect that the microorganisms have made here. The medicine does the same it helps the body to recover faster.
      • The energy metabolism of the person and the internal growth turn out to be speedy once somebody starts to take this medicine for a long while.
      • Even at this time of the pandemic, this medicine has come as a rescue for all the people who were in need to treat diarrhea, as by now everybody has come to know that stomach upset or severe loose motion is a classic symptom of having Covid19.
      • Once the parasites get into the body, it tries to make the body their hub for reproduction, as per the scientific knowledge, it is being known as selecting the human body to be the ideal place for executing a good growth of the parasites, all these probabilities get diminished for a lifetime.
      • Nitazoxanide’s mechanism of action is pretty good comparing to the other medicines; globally, people have kept trust in this.
      • The discussion of Nitazoxanide cost is also very relevant in purchasing as it comes at a significantly lower range; people of all income groups can very afford this.
      • No rocket science is needed for using this medicine; its popularity became all-pervasive, which is why most medical websites are keeping the details of it; patients can anytime make a read to all the information.
      • This medicine is available both online and offline. The pressure of unavailability does not apply to this; any patient would access it with the proper medical prescription.

Side effects of Nitazoxanide 500 mg

If medicine can create good impacts on the body, then it is also very much able to develop adverse effects on a handful of people. Not everybody faces the same scenario after continuing antibiotics, but some do; for them, there is detailed information on the side effects of Nitazoxanide tablets.

Severe side effects of Nitazoxanide 500

      • At times, people, after continuing this medicine, have been diagnosed with severe headache and vomiting problems.
      • Having very bare minimum taste in the buds is another bad sign that many people face these days; people should note this too.
      • Another significant bad sign of suing Nitazoxanide 500 is the primary chemical agent it contains that might go against the drugs the patient has been taking for a long while. At times, it has been witnessed due to be a little high on the dose. This medicine leads a situation to cross-infection.
      • Skin issues and hair fall are also two stagnant results that people get once they start the dose of it.

Lighter side effects of Nitazoxanide 500

      • Feeling a little exhausted has always been there once they start a dose of an antibiotic, for this drug that too is applicable.
      • The normalcy of appetite gets broken, and the person does not feel like eating.
      • Nausea, back pain, and tiredness are applicable when you start the dose, but they are mostly negligible and pretty generic; these happen for most antibiotics. Patients should take a serious note that if the side effects last for more than a considerable period, people should consult the doctor.

How to take Nitazoxanide 500 mg

As patients can very well understand that the chemical content of this medicine is pretty high, they should not go on consuming this medicine more than once. The empty stomach is a strict no-no for this medicine; an empty stomach may create heavier adverse effects on the body due to the acidic reaction.


It would start with the existing sulphuric acid in the stomach area. A full stomach is what the patients need to have before they go on consuming this medicine. Patients should refrain from breaking or crushing this medicine; breaking this medicine would not be very helpful.


Simple swallowing with water is the only way that the patients need to follow to consume this medicine. A good diet is indeed necessary to continue having the promising signs of this medicine.


The main tip goes like this: if a person is consuming this medicine, then complete approval from the doctors is always needed; nobody should think that they can master the art of discovering the usage of chemical compounds.


There is a difference between everyday time body issues and having issues in the stomach at the time of pregnancy or after delivery, in those cases, it is required to take help from people who are experts in these.


Alcohol and smoking are the two risky elements that may give birth to another series of problems, people also may refrain from consuming that. Any intoxication provides a breakage with this medicine’s activity, and that is not a simple matter people should pay adequate attention to this.


Many people judge the goodness of this medicine by its pricing, but that is not enough to feel a chemical compound; more research awaits for this part of the debate.


Only medical experts can specify this part of the information.

Severe cases demand a few complicated medications, but everything is on the doctor and the patient.


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