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Indication: Type 2 diabetes
Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim India Pvt Ltd
Packaging: 10 Tablets in Strip
Strength: 5 mg
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Trajenta medicine is mainly used for controlling blood sugar levels. Most of the cases where the patient is affected with high blood sugar level, what happens is that the indigenous body hormones do not work properly for the patient. One of such indigenous hormones is insulin. Insulin stops working for the people who are affected with diabetes and the level of blood sugar keeps on increasing due to unregulated blood insulin. This particular medicine tries to make the insulin production of the body adequate so that the blood sugar level of one comes in control. So the main purpose of this medicine is generally about curing type one diabetes melitus. There are different processes depending on which the medicine can be consumed, a lot of times doctors prescribe this to be taken with the diet and a lot of times they prefer it consuming with only simple water.

There are some bad health possibilities that can be very well cured by this medicine. When we start making our discussion on this particular medicine we should never forget that generally the cases of high blood sugar or uncontrollable blood sugar situation increases the chances of meeting the heart attack situations. Type one diabetes has this timeless symptom where the heart starts beating faster and as a result soon the Patient meets a heart failure. It is essential at the very basic level to identify whether the person is suffering from type one or type two diabetes melitus. These moments of diagnosis are way too important, the rest of life depends on this.

There are patients who do not listen to the doctors and their valuable suggestions and as a result the kind of trouble they face is exceptional. Trajenta medicine can not be taken and can not be stopped without taking proper consents from the doctor. Once this gets started without proper consultations the dosages of it can not be stopped, yes there are ways to modify the dosages but to get completely away from it, that can not be possible at a single go, after so many trials doctors finally get to the conclusion on whether they can permanently prescribe this, or there is a better alternative. For a certain period of time the patient has to continue this medicine like it happens for any other medicine we take, having patience is really responsible for a patient that keeps him or her motivated.

Trajenta medication and its benefits

When we make positive remarks about Trajenta as medicine the first thing that we need to do is to rely on medical advice, solely because Trajenta medication gets prescribed at a very tender age when it is important to the medical advice to know where the blood glucose level stands in the body. And the amount of sugar content in the body can be alarming at times, and as a very first level when the patient gets to hear about this life-threatening disease, they tend to lose their calm, and for a few days, this continues that the blood sugar gets to be seen on a higher side but as soon as Trajenta medication starts in all these possibilities seem to go away.

There lies a lot of good signs as soon as somebody starts even the minimum dosage which is Trajenta 5 mg. The changes start pouring in specially through various skin conditions and the developments it, a lot of times it has been seen that only through medication situations like heart failures got to be rescued and that most of the time saved times. Generally, heart attacks do not offer much time to the patients, but here prolonged periods of medication can control all of it. By now increasing the dosages of this medicine the steps where people used the thing that it is needed to contact the doctor that possibilities had reduced. Also, there are so many times where it is in the process of curing other severe medical conditions like kidney failure, eye problems even at times skin rashes, all such things can too be cured with the help of this particular medicine. The following points suggest what are the possible bad health effects that can be stopped with the continuation of this medicine.

  • It does decrease the possibilities of heart attacks and other cardiological issues that can be myocardial infarction or minimal heart attacks, it reduces the glucose level to a very lower point, which is definitely a positive sign for most of the patients.
  • It decreases the possibility of kidney failure, once the blood sugar comes under control, it is natural that any kind of bad effect gets to stop. The bad effects can not really go on and worsen the situation.
  • A lot of times we have seen Trajenta medication is becoming helpful towards the eye problems and skin problems too, when the body becomes clear from inside the good effects clearly reflect the outer parts of the body in terms of clear skin, a good level of energy even at times weight loss all these are come to be seen after the due period of continuation of this medicine.
  • It has been witnessed by many doctors of this fraternity that this medicine has become successful in terms of curing erectile dysfunction, diabetes is such an evil factor that the more it stays, the more it affects the body from every single perspective, a lot of times Trajenta as medicine became able to cure such problems.
  • A lot of times after starting up this medicine doctors say that to check your blood, Specially because there are situations where the issues like joint pain get resolved and other arthritis problems get resolved with the dosage of this medicine.

Side effects

After the very continuation of any medicine some things are natural, and one of such things are side effects. Yes if any medicine has got effects then it is natural it is gonna have the side effects. Trajenta has way too many side effects that eventually lead from mild to severe effects. There are ways to get proper solutions to that too, but before that it is necessary to know how one can become aware of the fact that henor she is the victim of the bad effects of Trajenta medication.

Mild Bad Effects

There are certain effects which are actually way too mild in nature and as the time passes in we can very well witness the body start reacting normally, and does not produce any kind of bad effects on the body. These effects can very well get started with Symptoms like mild headache, loss of appetite, tremendous back pain, behavioural issues, mood swings, unwillingness etc, but as the time passes on the patient becomes regular to it and all these start to fade away. At this time specially with the conditions of type one diabetes one needs to find out reasons to be motivated all the time. Mental health needs to be treated with proper care at such levels, through which most of the battles are fought. To stay calm and to let others know and in this process they are not alone, there are so many people battling the same kinds of situations, all they need to do is to rely on the medicine for a longer period of time.

Severe Bad Effects

There are some segere bad effects that are also prevalent for this medicine actually, where the most common symptom is nothing but the Hypoglycemia, where the blood sugar level goes so low that it is presumed, here people may die like this. Yes there are so.many cases where people.have died previously only due to low blood sugar level. Another significant problem of Trajenta is the bad effects on to the pancreas, pancreas pancreatitis is nothing but a bad medical condition where it has seen, people are having way too much of stomach pain on to the above abdomen, and vomiting is generally not happening and what happens is that people mistake this as the condition for gastritis, but no, this pancreas pancreatitis, most of the cases patients end up.having multi organ failure, and those are the end conditions where survival rate is close to zero. It’s been said by many doctors or pharmacists that before starting this medicine up it is essential to know what is what, what does the body need, what kind of problems already exist, is this the Only way out, or there are some other alternatives too, that can be measured only when the others are failing. Knowing the body and the health is very important to start with Trajenta Dosage otherwise people would end up dying.

How to take the medicine

There are some fixed timings which are generally prescribed for this medicine, generally after meals, swallowing with water has been the constant kind of medication that is required for this. It has been seen by many people that doctors do recommend or suggest doing a lot of bodily exercises with it. Diet is another thing that too remains in place with it, lifestyle control should be done properly, otherwise it might not work properly so continuing the medicine properly with the diet and exercise is all that we all need to do.


Pregnant women and newly becoming mothers are said to keep away from this medicine. They are the most vulnerable group among all, so if they consume this medicine the life of the kid might go under dangerous consequences, so this is a kind of a warning to all of them. Also the minors should also be kept away from the medicines


A lot of times doctor to doctor carries the Opinion, in such cases it is essential to go for a third opinion. That might reduce the possibilities of contradictory factors and complicating errors.

How it works

It increases the amount of insulin as much as possible and then slows and reduces down the glucose level as little as possible.


In these days Checking on google for solutions are bad, go to a doctor and see what it helps, scientific technology should be there, and not prejudiced thoughts.


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